Youtubian poetry (auto-subtitles in Ballard doc)

What would a collage made by an artificial intelligence look like? Could a machine create art? There are unexpected and surprising outcomes of software programming… In this case, I bumped into YouTube trying to capture Swedish voice-overs during a film about J. G. Ballard.

What happened was that I’ve incidentally turned the platform’s auto-generated subtitles while watching a 1986 documentary with J. G. Ballard, where Swedish-Portuguese director Solveig Nordlund interviews the author (video below).

What follows is a transcription of the resulting automatic translation of all the bits narrated in Swedish.

the androvich created
fairy our food for endure the british kasam health
into event a train awards most popular Abeka
suelen 3k and clicks wheel during
the Samia vascularity we can achieve now him ballad
enough science fiction it returns message and ffs after a
what an hand romance again born doom
he gets Hina

they can take as aloo missed
a tear first maiden hair Buchan
some from teats – air and ballad
for the genome growth who stands to Republican

gym villain dilemna four-legged
now yeah porn and I’ve every year de
I’m Vergara through that Kitty get a salute

f-secure get three cos him till Anglin hurts to the era
Mert that mayhem landed
live in folk forum

EBU kept Abu Halim ballad basically it
were civil servants sandal fell
in catastrophic foon
something example tour gallery wish family
settled from fool
for beta to store each lead Lance cope
attuma Hotel
tourism bar saying L
forgive Nabila
there are many fan was thus loss
for generally are not
at Lance cope some second poem in Rome crickets
Fran hi

when they refer to Tollett scream ballad in syria back you know many fans for whole London till the technological and scope some works it open Klingon
yen of the cervical
rocker and middle alders architects
beautiful and DeLuca

and mr. control and I was in Jaguar meat promoter wagon
Dillons long as you have a vague record
on airplane Edessa every evening you would beat her some Finn’s Miranda iguana
I should take them for sure cafe estas a telephone
and a score that after Oobleck an AA traffic in a intensive
so small Amira nope
Oh Ignacio that techadon on ham not pool

meaty traffic winglet
halika a salir add
some no one’s seen drogon is inclusive

longed to see another and uncertain Balcombe
or gritty ladder honed and
ting to dr. Liang
till ball covered in sea and astatine and soon vonlee guy sir

so burial barracks from this buffoon of leaveth
yet mother and posters on road
and watch last custard from panty flask
even first of in Syria volts and Linnell
some little inverters creator gives it
the Millea warning Anna
sham / mu Tamara
born family Anna would whom they’re gonna
Alton sets from whom
of all that space a tell him cleanly come to Houston

ballerina at the technologies colonoscope Tom cleaners
vachetta leave and a drifter
bill rocket science my symbol for colorful melon in Division
o technology
Amiata story untold be really cool
Toliver Egypt even amid Vietnam
and scared and has some instead

is an organelle a stable
field are handy really comes from a rotoscoped levels
Buchan Hanuman man some planning errors in Hagen dirt so Luca
a perverse totality to do

Dillons Cocola dara
in exact attract our vehicle
and send film fairness limousine
permit or wagon
ever fleet gladsome

Varia blood stank
very Escada prefers it
a new grant you think

angelique nabela’s set at our beta
me and Viet Minh scoffs months
and leg a frame and theory or testers and Berkeley at the Milton
layer and flora want every narrative la

that extremities before ledyba
effeminate or amatetti them
it’s not heavy dad
Olivieri down there

then highfalutin in Ora London
annealing in Ross prefer comet
feet per sector torrid pace
for best a boost odds on Rodan

60 tall its front it’s trim
or believe it dorgon’s

who’s here
war from T duped

Far from fascinating, but there is always something Ballardian about these things. Expressions such as “works it open Klingon, yen of the cervical” or “meaty traffic winglet” make it worth the effort.

Not as interesting as someone unboxing their new toaster, of course. Enough about YouTube’s poetic future, anyway.

Future Now (1986)

More than a conversation with the author, it’s a good opportunity to get acquainted with Ballard’s life and views on future social ramifications, as well as his vision of our tech-dependent future.

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