New learnings while laddering up (a memo)

The ask is simple: the alignment of all work streams should contribute to synergize all actionable optics. From a scrum perspective, we need to activate any deliverables during this journey, and for all business units.

Double-click on this: ideate an agile ecosystem where we’re able to quickly sync and pivot across the value stream of our scalable, well-architected spends.

It’s a no-brainer but – at the end of the day – it really is teamwork that which breeds real heroes who don’t need to e-meet to touch base on their idea showers. Leveraging these best practices empowers the team (and remember, there’s no ‘i’ in team).

The stretch goal depends on how we squeeze our action items in our way of work and close the loop. Ultimately, the MVP paradigm depends solely on the cadence of our mindset. We just need to get the ball rolling and disrupt whatever’s on our radar. It is what it is. Why give 110% when we can think outside the box?

So let’s play hard-ball: no more conference calls. We take this offline, on a going-forward basis.

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