Professionally, I’m currently managing a remote tech team dedicated to Zendesk¹ configurations, customer experience processes, and other related projects. Previous jobs include:

  • Project management (customer experience, online fraud prevention, etc.)
  • Editorial: content strategy and SEO, as well as internal documentation
  • Data and business analysis
  • Customer support (account manager and QA)

¹ I’ve been an on-and-off Zendesk “janitor” since 2011: from design of CX to its configuration, to creating documentation, operational models and methodology around Guide, Insights, and other creative uses of the tool.

Personally, reading and collage art are some of the things that tend to occupy my free time.

Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @pmrpr
Mastodon: @pedror
Last.fm: pmrpr
MUBI: pedrosaurus