Professionally, I’m currently managing a remote tech team dedicated to Zendesk¹ configurations, customer experience processes, and other related projects.

Previous jobs include:

  • “Project management” (argh, I know…)
    • Main areas of work: customer experience, customer operations workflows and analysis, online fraud prevention – namely phishing-related activity, and customer-facing prevention campaigns, etc.
  • Editorial: content management and SEO, as well as internal documentation (oh, and some press-release gigs, too)
  • Data and business analysis
  • Minor consultancy jobs
  • Customer support (account manager and QA)

¹ I’ve been an on-and-off help desk admin since 2011: from CX strategy and design to its configuration, documentation, workflow design, data analysis, and other creative uses of such tools.

On a personal level, reading and [very amateur] collage art are some of the things that tend to occupy my free time. I live in Lisbon, Portugal.

Contact, other networks & communities

Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @pmrpr
Mastodon: @pedror
Bandcamp: pedrosaurus
Last.fm: pmrpr
MUBI: pedrosaurus