Professionally, I’m currently managing a remote tech team dedicated to Zendesk¹ configurations, customer experience processes, and other related projects.

Previous jobs and responsibilities include:

  • “Project management” (I know…), mostly analysis and coming up with improvements regarding:
    • Customer and support agent experience
    • Customer operation workflows
    • Online fraud prevention (mostly phishing-related activity) and customer-facing reactive/proactive efforts. Data collection and analysis (also using third-party tools like Netcraft, for example). Basically, learning with scammers in order to try and be one step ahead…
  • Editorial work: content management and SEO, as well as internal documentation (oh, and some press-release gigs, too)
  • Business and operational analysis
  • Customer support operations: account management, some QA, and assorted workflow improvements

¹ I’ve been a regular Zendesk admin since 2011: from CX strategy and design to its configuration, documentation, workflow design, data analysis, and other creative uses of the tool. I’m currently a Zendesk Certified Support Administrator.

Off work, I sometimes occupy my time with [very amateur] collage art.

Contact, other networks & communities

Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @gerontint1
Mastodon: @[email protected]
Last.fm: pedrosaurus
Goodreads: pedrosaurus
MUBI: pedrosaurus

1 What is “gerontint”? GERONTINT is a pun mixing gerontology with the usual abbreviation for INTelligence. We can define it as ‘intelligence gathered by getting older.’ Which means we’re all contributing to GERONTINT, one way or another, so thank you for participating!